Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lipstick on Your Collar (No Third Term for Bloomberg mix)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sans contrefacon, Bloomberg est trop republique con

"En 2004, il organise la venue à New York de la convention nationale républicaine."

"La popularité de M. Bloomberg est haute, mais sa manipulation des protestataires à la convention 2004 nationale républicaine, quand des milliers de démonstrateurs ont été arrêtés sur les rues et détenus, est une marque noire sur son administration pour beaucoup de Newyorkais et de libertarians civils. -- NYTimes

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bulldozers and cranes: Christine Quinn's development addiction

Quotes by Suzannah B. Troy regarding City Councilwoman Christine Quinn's addiction to over-development.

New York City has named a block on Hudson Street, "Jane Jacobs Way," after an important author and activist, who changed the course of urban planning.

City Councilwoman Christine C. Quinn was there for the renaming ceremony. Quinn has been the subject of investigations regarding her close ties to developers. Activist Suzannah B. Troy was outraged to see Quinn trade on the goodwill of Jane Jacobs.

"It was laughable and yet horrifying the way Jane Jacobs' name was bandied about, and the sheer denial of politicos pretending that Bloomberg-Quinn did not sell out (and destroy) New York to greedy developers from right under the people of New York's feet -- including how many eminent domain abuse battles going on right now here in NYC ?"

"Yes, I get emotional because on every street there are closings, and, at this street naming, it was the usual "orgy of admiration club" -- complete lies and denials. You heard the introduction Quinn is given -- an air brushed rosy introduction, which is extra horrifying because any one using their eyes can see the Village has buildings every where that busted thru zoning and evictions of small businesses everywhere -- because she was part of the corrupt politico that sold NYC and the people out."

See also: Suzannah B. Troy in recession bikini top $6 & almost 47 yrs old protesting Quinn at Jane Jacobs street signing, Jane must be turning over in her grave.

No Third Term for Republicans

No votes for politicians who close firehouses.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R-NY) has a record of closing firehouses and shrinking the Fire Department, even though we all know that in the name of the safety of the city, we need firehouses to remain open.

Only a Republican would close down firehouses and layoff fire fighters in a city like New York.

Keep our firehouses open by voting for anybody but Bloomberg !

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New York City has a large and growing debt burden that is threatening to become unaffordable

"The level of NYC’s debt is rising and representing a growing portion of the assessed value of taxable real property."

William C. Thompson, Jr., the Comptroller for New York City, has released the Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Debt Report.

"New York City has a large and growing debt burden that is threatening to become unaffordable as the City’s economy suffers the impacts of a severe global economic downturn. By any commonly accepted measure, New York City ranks above its peers in the amount of debt shouldered by city residents and the city’s economy."

The budget report also indicated that, "New York City’s debt as a percentage of personal income in FY 2006 was the highest at 14.5 percent."

More slush at City Hall and City Council

While City Council uses its plethora of slush funds to funnel taxpayer dollars to shoddy construction companies, the Mayor is playing election year politics with the city budget.

Suzannah B. Troy posted a new video about new reports in the The New York Daily News about the possibilities of city budget corruption and election year budget engineering.

Bye-Bye Bloomberg (No Third Term mix)

"Money and Power Revised Term Limits, and It Won’t Be Forgotten"

No third term for Republicans !

"Mr. Bloomberg knows that his reputation has taken hard blows in the fight over term limits. But he is apparently betting that the passage of time will restore whatever he may have lost in respectability." -- Clyde Haberman, NYTimes, October 27, 2008.

Bloomberg offended by question about term limit extension

Touchy, touchy! Bloomberg on the economy and term limits

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg lost his cool with reporter over a question about term limits.

After discussing the economy and term limits during a May 28, 2009, press conference in Queens, the mayor told the reporter, "You're a disgrace."