Sunday, September 27, 2009

Misogynistic Mayor may cost Quinn her Leadership

The mayor doesn't like discussing the subject of the class action sexual harassment case against him and his company.

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's power base is now in question -- following her close association with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his controversial push for third term extensions.

Bloomberg tricked Quinn into doing his dirty work on extending term limits, and then left her out to fend herself against voter anger. More evidence of his bias against women.

From the New York Times : Answers About Michael R. Bloomberg, Part 2 :

Q. Are the sexual harassment issues that are being brought against Bloomberg L.P. recent, or were they prior to his terms as mayor? If they are later than 2002 hasn’t he divested himself from any active role in the company and should it not be a relevant issue? If events occurred during his company stewardship, that is a different matter and should be brought to bear in the current campaign. Would you comment on this subject? — Posted by Ned Brody

A. A complicated subject. Mr. Bloomberg and his company faced three sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits when he was still in charge of Bloomberg L.P. One suit, by a woman who charged Mr. Bloomberg with snapping “Kill it!” when she told him she was pregnant, claimed that he and other company executives subjected women to “repeated and unwelcome” sexual comments and overtures. That suit was settled the year before Mr. Bloomberg became a mayoral candidate. He did not admit guilt, and the plaintiff accepted an undisclosed sum and agreed to remain forever silent. A second harassment suit was dropped because of legal blunders by the woman’s lawyer, and a third was withdrawn after the plaintiff’s husband, another Bloomberg employee, pleaded guilty to stealing from the company.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

YouTube censors Blogger

WEEKS BEFORE NYC MAYORAL ELECTION, YOUTUBE.COM SUPPRESSES FREE SPEECH has censored the artist-activist-citizen journalist Suzannah B. Troy by suspending her entire account (300 videos).

Suzannah B. Troy, a New York City-based artist, citizen journalist, and blogger, has had her account inexplicably suspended by the popular video website.

First Suzannah B. Troy, next us.

Ms. Troy has spent months creating, editing, and posting hundreds of original citizen journalist videos focusing on the controversial election this year of local candidates running for third terms in office. In particular, Ms. Troy's videos have been highly critical of the New York City Council and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The nature of the videos on her account have ranged from breaking news-quality videos of voter demonstrations, to video blogs of her commentary on the elections, to artistic interpretation of news events. There is no reason for her account to be suspended by YouTube other than for the political and artistic nature of their content.

Please write to Youtube at: and ask them for their official policy of suspending accounts of artists and citizen journalists.

We are only weeks away from an important election, which shall decide if City Council Members and Mayor Bloomberg will thwart the will of voters' two referrenda on term limits. And missing from the free exchange of ideas during the critical debates that will be taking place in the time leading up to the election will be Ms. Troy's body of work.

Without you stepping in to blog, publish, or report about this questionable suspension of Ms. Troy's YouTube account (as well as the potential of loss of hundreds of videos), other citizen journalists may face the same sad fate : cyber suppression.

Please consider the importance of voter participation in free and open democratic elections.

UPDATE: After pressure, restores Blogger's account

The blog site Queens Crap is reporting that YouTube has restored Suzannah B. Troy's account.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Christine Quinn shamed by protesters

Christine Quinn is under investigation for the potential misuse of slush funds by the New York City Council, she has lost the support of important constituents in her City Council District, she favors the over-development of Manhattan, and she now faces opposition from voters, who dislike the slimy way that the New York City Council extended term limits in their own favor.

Photo credit: Suzannah B. Troy


The blog, Dump Christine Quinn, has posted a damning report about the increasing pressure being put on New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn by the anti-third term movement :

"Recently, a group of New Yorkers who do not believe that Christine Quinn should be re-elected to her City Council seat representing Council District 3 gathered to express their First Amendment rights to free speech. As the Quinntessa herself has said, 'That's democracy!'

"But what struck me is the way she strode into the residential building in which one of her appointees to a Community Board was hosting a fundraising on her behalf: head hung. She looked embarrassed, actually; ashamed even.

"So, Miss Quinn, I am writing to suggest that the next time you are protested, you would be wise to turn to the gathered rabble, smile and wave. Because you should look as though you actually believe in all the bad things that you are doing to your constituents.

"This hang dog thing makes me worry that even you know you've sold your soul to the devil."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Voters oppose third term for Quinn

NY1 poll asks :
Should Christine Quinn be re-elected ?
76% say NO !

On Tuesday, September 15th, vote for Yetta Kurland
for City Council !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quinn's Donor Analysis Revealed

The people who are paying for Christine Quinn's ill-fated third term re-election campaign aren’t the same people she’s elected to serve.

A new website called, The Quinn Report, is raising some serious issues about City Council Speaker Quinn's campaign :

* "Nearly 62% of Quinn’s individual donors live OUTSIDE Council District 3. The question is...what’s their interest in this race ?"

* "Nearly three-quarters of all donations of $1,000 or more come from donors who do not live in Council District 3."

Read more in: Donor Analysis.

Quinn booed entering fundraiser

What can you do to help ?

The primary is Sept. 15, tell all your friends that live in the West Village, Chelsea, Midtown West, Clinton/Hell's Kitchen to vote Christine Quinn out of office.

To do this, cast your votes for Yetta Kurland.

Video Credit: Suzannah B. Troy

Protesters follow Quinn to fundraiser

What's wrong with Quinn ?

Protesters gathered outside the private setting for a fundraiser to benefit the ill-fated third-term candidacy of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. The protest event, held tonight at 6:30 p.m. at 61 Jane Street, was intended to shed light on Speaker Quinn's numerous failures to the constituents of her city council district.

Video Credit: Suzannah B. Troy