Saturday, September 12, 2009

Christine Quinn shamed by protesters

Christine Quinn is under investigation for the potential misuse of slush funds by the New York City Council, she has lost the support of important constituents in her City Council District, she favors the over-development of Manhattan, and she now faces opposition from voters, who dislike the slimy way that the New York City Council extended term limits in their own favor.

Photo credit: Suzannah B. Troy


The blog, Dump Christine Quinn, has posted a damning report about the increasing pressure being put on New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn by the anti-third term movement :

"Recently, a group of New Yorkers who do not believe that Christine Quinn should be re-elected to her City Council seat representing Council District 3 gathered to express their First Amendment rights to free speech. As the Quinntessa herself has said, 'That's democracy!'

"But what struck me is the way she strode into the residential building in which one of her appointees to a Community Board was hosting a fundraising on her behalf: head hung. She looked embarrassed, actually; ashamed even.

"So, Miss Quinn, I am writing to suggest that the next time you are protested, you would be wise to turn to the gathered rabble, smile and wave. Because you should look as though you actually believe in all the bad things that you are doing to your constituents.

"This hang dog thing makes me worry that even you know you've sold your soul to the devil."

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