Monday, July 13, 2009

Bulldozers and cranes: Christine Quinn's development addiction

Quotes by Suzannah B. Troy regarding City Councilwoman Christine Quinn's addiction to over-development.

New York City has named a block on Hudson Street, "Jane Jacobs Way," after an important author and activist, who changed the course of urban planning.

City Councilwoman Christine C. Quinn was there for the renaming ceremony. Quinn has been the subject of investigations regarding her close ties to developers. Activist Suzannah B. Troy was outraged to see Quinn trade on the goodwill of Jane Jacobs.

"It was laughable and yet horrifying the way Jane Jacobs' name was bandied about, and the sheer denial of politicos pretending that Bloomberg-Quinn did not sell out (and destroy) New York to greedy developers from right under the people of New York's feet -- including how many eminent domain abuse battles going on right now here in NYC ?"

"Yes, I get emotional because on every street there are closings, and, at this street naming, it was the usual "orgy of admiration club" -- complete lies and denials. You heard the introduction Quinn is given -- an air brushed rosy introduction, which is extra horrifying because any one using their eyes can see the Village has buildings every where that busted thru zoning and evictions of small businesses everywhere -- because she was part of the corrupt politico that sold NYC and the people out."

See also: Suzannah B. Troy in recession bikini top $6 & almost 47 yrs old protesting Quinn at Jane Jacobs street signing, Jane must be turning over in her grave.

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