Saturday, August 1, 2009

A little bit crummy and a little bit chummy

Christine Quinn has shown that Gay Politicians can be just like Straight Politicians

The writer-editor of the Dump Christine Quinn blog wrote a terrific piece about Why the Gay Community Must Outgrow Identity Politics.

We can't just settle for electing a "compromised" LGBT politician, who is going to go along with the questionable tactics of crooked politicians while she is in office. For example, by using slush funds to funnel money to the LGBT community, Ms. Quinn is only doing some of the same shady political wheeling and dealing that gets politicians indicted.

I wonder if we shouldn't be choosing LGBT leaders for public office, so that they could show the other office-holders that gay people are different -- for example, better -- when it comes to working with integrity when handling the public's business.

For now, Ms. Quinn prefers to maintain her close working relationship with Mayor Bloomberg, who, with the help of Ms. Quinn herself, has side-stepped the will of the voters and is running for a third term as New York City mayor.

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