Sunday, October 25, 2009

Billie Jean King betrays LGBT community

LGBT "icon" Billie Jean King becomes a "bad" role model.

Billie Jean King made a political endorsement in the 2009 race for Mayor of New York City that has surprised and disturbed many people in the LGBT community.

"Of course anyone has the right to endorse who they want, but Billie Jean's endorsement of Mike Bloomberg is unfortunate.

How can this role-model for the LGBT community endorse a man who has, at the very least, a spotty record on LGBT issues?

Sure, he claims to be for marriage equality, yet his administration challenged a 2005 ruling by State Supreme Court justice Doris Ling-Cohan ordering the city to issue marriage licenses. If you are for mariage equality, why fight the issuance of licenses to same-sex couples?

Sure, he claims to be for marriage equality, but he is the single biggest donor to New York State Reublicans, the party responsible for holding up passage of a marriage equality bill in the State Senate.

Maybe Billie Jean did not know these facts (she has homes in both Chicago and NYC - maybe a little too much time by the lake?) - but as an activist, one would imagine she has done her homework.

It must be exciting hanging out with the mayor on the first day of the US Open, where your name adorns the Tennis Center. It's too bad your endorsement sends the wrong message about a man that has consistently denied the LGBT community support, and has actively worked against the interests of that community by supporting NYS Reublicans." -- Submitted by Disappointing on Tue, 09/01/2009 - 13:59.

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